Introduction: The 30-Day Microsoft 365 Challenge

At Collaboris, we’ve just hired Connor Deasey who is going to be helping us develop and run our Collab365 services. Although Connor has a good grasp of technical concepts, he’s never been introduced to Microsoft services beyond those that are usually used at schools such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Connor's challenge is to see if he can learn enough to become a competent Microsoft 365 citizen developer in just 30-days!

Listen to Mark Jones explain what the challenge is and why we are doing it.

What is the challenge?

To become a proficent citizen developer in Microsoft 365, you need to know quite a few services. The 30-Day challenge will see Connor learn all of the following:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate

How will Connor learn Microsoft 365?

It's hard to learn a new skill without having something concrete in your mind that you want to achieve at the end. If you don't have an end-goal, you can easily end up 'skimming' over content because you don't know 'why' you need to to know about it. There's no 'beating around the bush', the 30-day challenge is ambitious! We're not only asking Connor to train himself (using all of our content), but to also build a fully working application and to share his experience with you all along the way. 

Training Resources:

  • Collab365 Blog
  • Collab365 Summits
  • Collab365 Freelancers
  • Collab365 Courses

A note Collab365 MicroJobs ...

When our own content (such as a Summit session or blog post), doesn't give Connor the information he needs, we've given him a small budget to utilise 'Book an expert call on Collab365 MicroJobs'. MicroJobs has many experts who offer training, making it ideal when Connor needs to dig deeper or hits a big roadblock in his knowledge.

What are we asking Connor to build?

So that Connor can properly understand the Microsoft 365 technologies, we've asked him to build a fully working application. The application will be an 'RSS Aggregator' (aka "Collab365 Curator") that allows an organization to bring in News and Articles from their favourite sites on the web. The Collab365 Curator will make use of Teams, Power Apps and SharePoint to display the latest articles. Power Automate will be utilised to grab the latest news and store it into SharePoint. Microsoft Forms will allow staff to request new sites to be added.

>> Read the entire specifcation

Why are we sharing all of this?

You may be wondering why we're sharing this whole '30-day challenge' in this way. We're actually doing it for a few reasons:

  • It's going to be a fun and very structured way for Connor to learn. He's going to be sharing everything, warts and all. 
  • It's going to help you. If you're on the same learning curve as Connor then our hope is that you will also find this useful. 
  • If this works well, we're going to consider offering it as a live 30-day challenge. We're a way off that, but it's on our mind. 

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