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June 25, 2020

My Collab365 MicroJobs and Expert Call In-Depth Review

My experience with Collab365 MicroJobs was superb. The site itself is well designed and easy to navigate, making finding a freelancer to help me with my SharePoint training a breeze. I have broken my review down into 8 sections, where I have shared my experience and findings throughout my MicroJobs endeavor.

'Pre-baked' MicroJobs

My first approach to MicroJobs was to browse and search through the 600+ pre-baked MicroJobs (specified, fixed priced, ready-to-purchase MicroJobs available from the freelancers) to see if there was some training out there to meet my specific requirements. Due to the nature of my request I couldn't find a MicroJob that offered everything I needed, so decided it would be best to submit a custom project request. However, by no means is this going to be the case for everyone. There are hundreds of pre-baked MicroJobs from over 1200 registered freelancers. During my search I came across a few that I believe would come in extremely handy throughout my 30-Day Challenge and of course that could help with many challenges that you find yourself in.

Custom Project Request

A custom project request allows you to submit a personalized request to the freelancers. For instance I had a request which was very specific to myself, receiving SharePoint training as a beginner, so a Custom Project Request was perfect. Once submitted and approved, the request gets sent out to various freelancers who are likely to offer their services. I received my first offer a few hours after posting. However I took the decision to wait for a few more experts to contact me so I could choose who would be most suitable for my needs. During my review of the freelancers, I took the opportunity to look in to their profiles where I was able to gather some really useful information about them to help with my decision.

Expertise of Freelancers

There are 1200 registered freelancers holding a huge range of experience, knowledge and skills. Some with over 25 years of experience with Microsoft related products and others with a profound knowledge in more specific Microsoft applications. Many are Microsoft MVP's (Most Valuable Professional), MCT's (Microsoft Certified Trainers), and MCP's (Microsoft Certified Professionals) . Without a doubt, you'll find an expert for your need on the MicroJobs site!

Creating and Managing My Order

I was able to discuss my need in detail with my preferred freelancer in advance, giving me the confidence to make the purchase by credit card. Take a look at my more detailed post on this whole process - How I found a SharePoint Trainer (for beginners). Once I paid, my order was created and I was taken to the Order screen, that gave me some fantastic ways of interacting with the Freelancer and managing my order.


Probably the most important part of the order screen and of being able to interact with the Freelancer is the messaging. Simply enter text in the messaging box at the bottom of the order screen and click 'send' as you would expect, each message sent and received is displayed on the order screen to refer back to. 

File Sharing

File sharing was made easy by the integrated "Attach File" button in pre-purchase messaging area. After producing a document I wished to share with the freelancer I chose, I was able to click the button to attach it and send straight to the freelancer. This can also be useful for sending videos, images and other essential documents that are important for your expert to see.

Custom Extras

This is a really useful feature, that I did not get the opportunity to use. The Freelancer has the option to add custom extras to your order, whether you need more time or decide you would like to have your freelancer help you with other problems and challenges you are facing. It's simple and very efficient as you do not have to go through the process of creating a new request or finding another freelancer. Simply ask the Freelancer for what you need, they post the Custom Extra on the order, and you can pay by credit card. The additional work is then managed and delivered within the same order and order screen.

Setting up a call with calendar invites

After some interaction with the freelancer, I was ready to go with the expert call. When the meeting is scheduled by the freelancer, a calendar invite (iCal file) is generated which I was able to download from the order screen and add to my personal calendar. This contains the meeting link to the scheduled meeting on the MicroJobs platform. This helped ensure I was prepared and ready for our meeting.

My Expert Call - Video Call & Screen Sharing

My training took place over an online video call in my browser as part of MicroJobs services. It was easy to use and made focusing on my important task of learning much easier. There was plenty of functionality within the online call. I was able to access my webcam and microphone controls, text chat over the built in messenger and more importantly screen share.

The screen sharing functionality allowed me to see directly what the expert was teaching from his own computer. I found this perfect as being a visual learner I was able to ask questions based on what the expert was sharing. 

The overall quality was excellent and possessed a clear audio and video feed surpassing my experience with other platforms such as Skype. Being a bit of a tech nerd I opened the stats mid meeting and saw a consistent bitrate of around 2000kbps which is plenty to send and receive a full HD (1080p) feed.

A Word From MicroJobs

I spoke with Fraser from MicroJobs, who was happy to share some awesome facts about the MicroJobs services.

  • 600+ Prebaked MicroJobs to choose from
  • 1200 Registered Freelancers
  • 2770 Registered Buyers
  • 2000+ Orders through MicroJobs since released
  • 3400 Pre-sales messages sent
  • $50 for 30 Mins with an Expert Freelancer

Fraser Beadle

MicroJobs Operations Manager

We launched the service in November 2018 and since then we have had a steady growth and have made many improvements along the way. The largest of which is the recent Video Call functionality, which you get to from within the MicroJobs order screen. We saw this as critical to the success of MicroJobs as it truly enables the Buyer and Freelancer to instantly connect and communicate in a way that we have all come to expect in the modern world.

I think you will agree they are some interesting stats from this rapidly growing Microsoft Freelancer Marketplace, a much needed service in the Microsoft space.


There we have it, my main points on my experience with MicroJobs and getting 2 hours of SharePoint training remotely via a Video Call. This way of working is now becoming more the normal, both in terms of getting resource through the Gig economy and working with that resource remotely. I am sure it won't be much further into my challenge before I make use of this great resource pool again.

If you are interested in getting some expert help, the Book-A-Call service at MicroJobs is a great way to go.


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